A Call for Proposals (CfP) or Call for Participation is a common term used in academic, research, and professional communities to invite individuals or groups to submit proposals or abstracts for conferences, workshops, symposiums, and other events.

Since the Python community is a bunch of lovely nerds, this same terminology made it into the Python vernacular.

What’s a CfP?

In simple terms, a CfP is an open invitation to experts, scholars, researchers, and practitioners to present their ideas, research findings, and case studies in a particular field or area of interest.

A CfP is typically issued by event organizers, conference committees, or academic institutions to solicit submissions from interested individuals or groups.

What are CfPs for?

The purpose of a CfP is to encourage a broad range of participants to engage with an event or a conference, ensuring a diversity of perspectives and ideas.

CfPs often outline the event’s theme, the topics of interest, and the submission guidelines. They also specify the types of submissions that are accepted, such as research papers, case studies, posters, or workshops.

How do you participate in a CfP?

The submission process for a CfP typically involves preparing a proposal or abstract that includes a summary of the proposed topic, the research methodology or approach, and the expected outcomes.

Some academic CfPs may require a full paper submission, while others may ask for a short abstract or a summary.

Python CfPs rarely require the submission of full materials, as they do not publish papers. However, it is vital to avoid the common pitfall of promising solely future work.


In summary, a CfP invites experts, scholars, researchers, and practitioners to submit proposals or abstracts for an event or conference.

It plays a vital role in facilitating the sharing of knowledge and expertise, promoting discussions, and creating opportunities for networking among professionals in a particular field.

If you are interested in attending or presenting at a conference or event, keep an eye out for CfPs!